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February 11th2009

So I completed my portfolio pdf file a couple days back, it was a little rush job, so it was basically made in photoshop and compiled in Indesign. But I plan to put up an accesible version soon. Till then, download this version. You can also grab this from my deviantart page.

September 1st2008

First of all, I’d like to say Ramadan Mubarak to all of you. Now I’d like to tell about the greatest beach experience I’ve had. Yes I was with some of my friends at the beach, and not just any beach, it was the most clean beach I had ever seen in and around Karachi, […]

May 14th2008

Our design team got this email from our manager at Creative Chaos. Pretty neat, ain’t it ? The subject that accompanied the email was : ‘Due to budget cuts, this is your new cubicle.’

May 13th2008

I’ve been looking at a couple of things lately, somethings that i like, and some I donot. First, I came across this guy, who did logo mashups just for the sake of fun, and man, some of them look so damn convincing. Yes take a look at them and you’ll know ! Click on the […]

March 22nd2008

What if some of the toons or games we play were real people ? Here’s something I found off the internet, while browsing some crap !   Homer Simpson   Mario   Those are some really freaky lookin creatures 😛 Great work pixeloo

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