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October 11th2009

It’s been a while since I blogged or got in touch with this little beautiful piece of web-ware called WordPress, but I thought I’d finally put down some words in here about how things are rolling, not that any one would care, but just for heck of it. I’ve been adding quite some objects to […]

December 10th2008

Hello folks. I upgraded my wordpress installation last night to 2.7, which turns out to be super cool. Except that I like the top nav in wordpress better, but I think I m going to get used to this one super fast. Oh wait I already have 😛 I really like the 2 click upgrade […]

July 19th2008

The new version of WordPress you know includes the Google gears implementation, in case you folks did not know that, this is one big help, no kidding.. Your writing and managing the blog becomes much more easier, not to mention effecient. The link at the top right of the admin page in WordPress, which says […]

July 15th2008

Yes this is another random post, just today someone said I should tel people about the inflation in the prices, but hell they already know about it, it’s not somethign they hsould get to know from my blog. After the release of the new version of my website, I’ve seen some good traffic, and also […]

May 29th2008

I was reading through the feeds on my google reader, and I found an interesting thing on Brand new, I found Jane’s Brand timeline potrait, which prompted me to do one on my own too.. So here’s my take on it… whats yours ?

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