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June 21st2011

I few friends of mine just launched their Wedding (and more) photography venture.. show them some like love! Here’s there Facebook page. Like them on Facebook, tweet about them on twitter. Spread the word.

March 4th2011

I was recently at another Bori Matrimonial ceremony, this time it was a colleague’s brother’s Valima. We had the dinner all Bori style, and it’s freakin awesome, I think I need to find myself a Bori girl 😀 The following picture was taken when everyone was being served dinner.. Yes in Bori tradition you sit on the ground and […]

November 30th2010
October 25th2010

Hey there folks, our Creative Head at Game Ventures just got married. A big Yaay for that.

July 12th2010

I was in Hyderabad yesterday, to attend a friend’s wedding, umm actually it was a Valima. I enjoyed the wedding  a little and had to go through a major travelling mess.. no kidding.. add to that the effed up situation at the Intercity Bus Stop. I went with a few other friends from my Dubai […]

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