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April 1st2013

Hello there people. If anyone does read at all, a-lo a-lo a-lo.. I’ve been working with VentureDive for a few months already, leading their UI/UX side. It’s a good team to be working with and I m enjoying too. Over the past couple of months I had been busy with some internal and client projects, […]

July 6th2010

Hi there folks, I m in a process of rebranding myself (and obviously my work identity Conceptual Konfusion Creative Park). These changes will obviously start to show slowly since I m also occupied with lots of office work, plus I have more activity going on in my life since I moved back to Karachi, PK. […]

September 17th2009

Good things and bad things happened just about the same time. boinkers.. The good first.. Paras Amir Ali Allana who I know through flickr and Raheel Lakhani was in town recently with here family.. And since she’s a friend how could I not show her around, even though I haven’t seen this place much. We […]

January 12th2009

I never blogged about this, but around the time I joined Xuqa, I was also working on a website, Peanutlabs Media, which after some backend development by the Peanutlabs team went live recently. Let me tell you, it’s a rather simple website, and contains simpe and bsic info about what th company does, it’s nothing […]

October 28th2008

I had been busy working at a company called “illusio” in Dubai for about a month now, and the two things that I m doing or was doing were the website and the brochure. The website is live now. You can see it in action here. It’s not a very big website, and the biggest […]

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