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July 10th2008

How’s everyone doing ? I m hoping everyone’s rocking, like I m right now.. 😀 my website, has been relaunched.. yes it’s updated and it’s one page rockness.. I hope you folks think it’s good, and get me some business 😛 nevermind, check it out. It would be uber cool if some one could […]

April 29th2008

Yello fellows… Alot of great things are happening around me, and alot of things for me, right in my favour. Remember I said I was on board for a really cool project, well it’s getting an upgrade soon, I m working on it’s new look and feel, which means, it’s gonna look new, soon. What […]

March 22nd2008

Thats what sums up, my hate for Internet explorer, Yes IE6, I m looking at you, and you too Mr. IE7. Yes Microsoft, why dont you please kill your browser, if damn sux !

January 13th2008

I just found out there’s a chart for web applications, and they’re open for voting. Pretty neat. Why did I put this on my blog ? Because I m a designer and a coder, and love to see great things see the light of the day, and also receive huge appreciations, that who we are, […]

November 1st2007

It’s not really chaos, it was my first day at Creative Chaos today 🙂 I am so happy, so very happy. I definitely now know the reason, why H-N doesn’t want to leave this place, and he’s right, this place is an awesome place to work. For one thing, they have growth, and not only […]

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