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March 19th2010

A Video I did very recently. This video has been made entirely from clips recorded during my ride from work to home. It also features clips from my lunch with my awesome friends at Creative Chaos. Credits: Music stolen from: Track: Hurricane 2000 Artist: Scorpions & Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

August 27th2009

Okay so we finally have XBOX 360, which is awesome and fun to play. We got a couple of games with it when be bought it, the awesome thing is you can hook up your computer to it so you can wirelessly stream your content onto it 🙂 Also I’ve been doing some Time Lapse […]

October 21st2008

After Effects Destruct noisy Typography from peresini mattias on Vimeo. Above were some of the thigns I’ve been doingd, looking, enjoying.. blah blah! Other than that, life is pretty much the normal.. I would’ve wanted to share another video or two, but I missed the links, and I m pretty lazy to even look for […]

June 10th2008

It’s been some time since I last blogged, and honestly, alot has happened since, I mean a real lot ! I have been gaining some weight, which looks odd coz it’s just around my tummy, makes me look like a man with a baby inside 😛 haha ! Oye and please wish Ammar Yasir, a […]

May 6th2008

Lip Dub – Tambureddu from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo. This is one must watch video, though I didn’t get a word of what they were singing, but I liked it 😀

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