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June 21st2011

I few friends of mine just launched their Wedding (and more) photography venture.. show them some like love! Here’s there Facebook page. Like them on Facebook, tweet about them on twitter. Spread the word.

May 3rd2011

My iPod’s dying or maybe it’s already gone, I m trying to do the recovery right now.. I m not sure if I can make it come back without a new battery… Which means I can do two things, infact I should! Get the iPod battery so that this thing works and also get the […]

June 21st2010

I’ve probably have had quite a weekend after quite some time, it just keeps getting better, no kidding and I m loving it. First I get to meet my friends (Anum, Imran & Haris) over for lunch at Nando’s, where by the way I scored a free meal, ooh that’s an interesting Espetata story, and […]

August 22nd2009

Again it’s been a while since I scribbled on my this little space here, but trust me when I say I’ve been occupied with lots of work lately, not to mention the tension that surrounds you as you approach the release date of your product. This tension builds around each and every member of the […]

June 5th2008

It’s been a very busy day, though all the crapiness is going away fro the time being, to return later some time. Any how, my blog is up and running now, which is good, thanks to the good folks at ServerSea Hosting. Now I can rant and bitch about alot fo things 😀 The last […]

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