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June 21st2010

I’ve probably have had quite a weekend after quite some time, it just keeps getting better, no kidding and I m loving it. First I get to meet my friends (Anum, Imran & Haris) over for lunch at Nando’s, where by the way I scored a free meal, ooh that’s an interesting Espetata story, and […]

March 23rd2009

It was around a few months ago when I had donated blood for the┬áthalassemia patients, when I was employed at Creative Chaos, it’s been a long time.. and a very long time if I speak in internet time. Any how, I was at the Blogap forum, when I read the post by Ayesha, that said […]

September 15th2008

I had promised uzey a couple of days back that we’d do some get together becaseu we hadn’t in like ages, so obviosuly the weekend would be a good time for an iftaari get together, so we decided we’d go out to eat soem where on Sunday, that was yesterday, and so we did. We […]

July 15th2008

Yes this is another random post, just today someone said I should tel people about the inflation in the prices, but hell they already know about it, it’s not somethign they hsould get to know from my blog. After the release of the new version of my website, I’ve seen some good traffic, and also […]

April 3rd2008

Life seems to get better and better, I mean seriously, oh other than the work load that is ­čśŤ Not only am I very happy how things things are going around at my work place, I m also loving how things are going around otherwise, except that I get too tired to do almost anything […]

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