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April 1st2013

Hello there people. If anyone does read at all, a-lo a-lo a-lo.. I’ve been working with VentureDive for a few months already, leading their UI/UX side. It’s a good team to be working with and I m enjoying too. Over the past couple of months I had been busy with some internal and client projects, […]

February 10th2009

Ello Ello I had been pretty much been occupied with a facebook application our team here at Xuqa had been working on, and it’s very much near completion now. Things are progessing nicely and design and development is getting closer to the polished stage. We’re left with the Quality Assurance department. After that we’re good […]

February 6th2009

I’ve been enjoying all the good days so far, even though I do get angry during work sometimes, but it all goes away when the final thing is out, the angre is obvioulsy just so that the right thing comes out. I’ve been in Singapore for quite some time now, but honestly haven’t really gone […]

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