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July 12th2010

I was in Hyderabad yesterday, to attend a friend’s wedding, umm actually it was a Valima. I enjoyed the wedding  a little and had to go through a major travelling mess.. no kidding.. add to that the effed up situation at the Intercity Bus Stop. I went with a few other friends from my Dubai […]

March 19th2010

A Video I did very recently. This video has been made entirely from clips recorded during my ride from work to home. It also features clips from my lunch with my awesome friends at Creative Chaos. Credits: Music stolen from: Track: Hurricane 2000 Artist: Scorpions & Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

May 31st2009

This weekend was awesome, we crossed borders on foot.. and we shifted our apartment ! Most of the Game Ventures team (except, Siddharth and Pete) went to Malaysia for Lunch. It was at Nandos, ok so why didn’t we have Nandos in Singapore..? Because we don’t freakin have Nandos here :S So anyways, I had […]

January 20th2009

Yep, The place I’ve been working for quite some time, wants me to join at their office in Singapore, so as much as I m excited, I m also a a bit sad, ask me the reason, and I’ll tell you that I m going to be missing my family a lot. This is not […]

May 28th2008

The good things first.. My blog was listed in the 100 inspirational blog designs, which got me do a little wowing Also, it’s was also the 5th birthday of WordPress… YAAAY ! Ok, so thats about the end of todays good part As I said it’s been a random day, total random day ! I […]

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