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July 29th2008

I don’t know but it seems like a good change happening, and I m a little happy about it too. I write crap I know, but I still like to read some good stuff, lately I’ve been visiting Teabreak more and more to read, yes read. I did have some sort of confusion, but then, […]

May 19th2008

Hello there, most people who read my little rambling space, know I m on the team of Teabreak, one of the best things to happen to Pakistan’s webosphere, and this is about to become even clearer once the new version goes up ! Any how, I’ve done two wallpapers for ourselves, it’ll be great if […]

November 3rd2007

I was happily shopping for some sneakers in the market with H-N in Saddar, when suddenly out of no where comes a man and tells the shop keeper ‘Do you know anything about the Marshal law?’ before the shop keeper even said a word I asked him ‘What marshal law ? where?’, ‘In Pakistan janab, […]

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