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March 8th2009

6th March 2009, the day active bloggers in Karachi met again to discuss various issues affecting our nation online and offline, organized by Google Pakistan, CIO Pakistan and Wateen Telecom, turned out to be quite some resolutions and suggestions, thoughts and valuable brainstorming. I reached the venue a little late, since I was coming straight […]

February 18th2008

This is some of the text that was sent in to everyone from a guy “Ahmed” from our company’s Quality Assurance department. It’s worth a read. Case 1 : NASAWhen NASA began the launch of astronauts into space, they found out that the pens wouldn’t work at zero gravity (ink won’t flow down to the […]

February 13th2008

Happy Valentines day to all ! I sent this card to my honey. Feel free to tell me the card is not that nice 😛 Have a lovely day, and for all those single ppl out there.. enjoy life 🙂 Love you all ! 🙂

February 7th2008

I am not really well, have flu and feel tired, had slept almost the half day ! When I woke up, the day seemed to have passed, besides it’s was our assassinated former prime minister Benazir Bhuttos’ chelum, so I thought I had some free time.. Little did I think I would spend some of […]

January 29th2008

  Times have changed or maybe I m the one who has.. I m here, right in my room right now, and concentrating on the important bit of the moment, missing my love, missing my family, even though they’re just a staircase apart, I do miss them, I miss the times I would spend long […]

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