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January 2nd2010

[Pictures at the end of the Post] I’ve been in Singapore for a quite a while now, and I’ve had friends over from Pakistan about 2 or 3 times, yet I still hadn’t managed to discover as many places as I did when one of my friend’s sister was over. Maybe because she had quite […]

August 9th2009

Let’s do a little recap here.. shall we. I went to Pakistan recently, and had a good time, which included the Tweet up, which I didn’t quite write about. It was one of the best things I attended in Pakistan since the Bloggers meet up. I met some more people, some really awesome ones, took […]

July 17th2009

I was thinking of all the things I’ve learned professionally and at what level of capability, some times even considering not to learn, all in the goodness. A few years back I preferred to freelance rather than take up a job, now I would say I m comfortable with both. When I first started off […]

May 31st2009

This weekend was awesome, we crossed borders on foot.. and we shifted our apartment ! Most of the Game Ventures team (except, Siddharth and Pete) went to Malaysia for Lunch. It was at Nandos, ok so why didn’t we have Nandos in Singapore..? Because we don’t freakin have Nandos here :S So anyways, I had […]

April 4th2009

So I flew back to Singapore on Thursday, 2nd of April at night, and got here in the morning of the 3rd. I wouldn’t say it was the best flight I ever took, but I guess it did the job, I m not going to whine much, since I’ve gone through some really nice things […]

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