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May 8th2011

The show, the plot A local twist on the hit US and UK Television Series “The Office”, we explore the everyday lives of employees from a small Pakistani office supplies company in this hilarious Urdu comedy. The uncanny assortment of the wacky staff is bettered only by an eccentric, incapable boss as they combine under […]

March 24th2011

  A few pictures I’ve taken recently. (If you’re viewing this via an aggregator, I’d sugest you visit the blog itself – )

November 1st2010

Oh my – a shot from the show “Thora Pyar, thora murder” I went to see this show last night, needless to stay I enjoyed it alot. What I do dislike is how crappy my pictures came out, this one I guess is about the only one which looks a bit better, the rest are […]

October 30th2007

I am having real lots of fun with the new LCD and the sound system I have now ! I enjoy working long hours now, in fact I’ve started using it more effectively 🙂 Any how, what I am writing about is good and bad, is fine and great with me. I have been working with […]

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