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July 10th2011

I posted some pictures of a recent shoot I did with Fizza & Natasha for Angel Bernardine, here are some behind the scenes and some earlier unreleased pictures in their black and white glory. I m a sucker for black and white. The pictures above aren’t touched a lot, no major post processing.. just a […]

July 6th2011

This is the fairly new and my first ever photo shoot I did with models. There were other photographers present with me during this, Najam ur Rehman and Rohal Kohyaar. I would like to give credit to the people involved and yes that is important to me. Uzma Ali: For the location, Jaali Softbox, and […]

July 4th2011

I recently did a small photo shoot with Fizza & Natasha. It was a make up shoot for a friend ‘Angel Lina Bernardine’ Pictures are going to be out in a few days hopefully.

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