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December 3rd2008

The tragic incident of Mumbai, India dropped me into a shock. The next moment of the incident, Indian bureaucrats and media started pointing the ‘confident’ finger at Pakistan. This reminded me of ‘Samjhota Express’ tragedy. Within couple of hours of Samjhota Express bombings, Indian authorities were pointing fingers at Pakistan. Turned out, the gruesome massacre […]

November 18th2008

Hello folks. How you all been doing.. I know no ones gonna answer that in the comments but anyhow.. This last week end didn’t go so well for me, for a couple of reasons. Some of them are what I will not write about here, but the rest.. oh well, read on. I was already […]

October 21st2008

After Effects Destruct noisy Typography from peresini mattias on Vimeo. Above were some of the thigns I’ve been doingd, looking, enjoying.. blah blah! Other than that, life is pretty much the normal.. I would’ve wanted to share another video or two, but I missed the links, and I m pretty lazy to even look for […]

August 24th2008

A day or two back, my friend H-N was at my place for some work reasons, and guess what, he got Najam‘s external HDD with him, which had his files, a dozen and more bunch of viruses.. My antivirus (avast), instantly recoginized these viruses, and stopped most of them, some were too quick and planted […]

May 27th2008

Hey there ‘online aur offline dostoon’, wassup ? how’s life ? For me, right now it’s like something thats lying dead still in the junk yard waiting to be bought by someone and used in something kick ass… Yes seriously ! I mean work is good, yes, but the things I m working on, aren’t […]

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