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August 12th2010

Pictures at the end of the post. On the 23rd of last month (July 2010), me and a couple of my friends (+new friend on the trip) decided that we’re going to hit the Northern areas of Pakistan (read: we wanted to go on vacations). I’ve added the nicer pictures here but if you want […]

March 30th2010

I’ve been planning on writing this post for ages, but the XuQa redesign just didn’t let me spare a few minutes, but now that I have some, I shall speak. The redesign had taken over us for quite some time, this whole redesign process started some 3 months back, and honestly redesigns are more effort […]

June 30th2009

Lately the days have been really kind to me, and so have the people around me. I haven’t written about quite some goodness in my life of late. Some time back, we went out and watched Transformers II, oh yes a movie lot of people are still waiting to see, but boy it’s an amazing […]

May 24th2009

This last week plus the week end has been the best since I came to Singapore, no kidding. Why you may ask.. The deviantArt Meet up I attended the kick ass deviantart meet up organized by $spyed & $heidi from deviantart. These people are on a world tour, so they are going to be seen […]

February 11th2009

So I completed my portfolio pdf file a couple days back, it was a little rush job, so it was basically made in photoshop and compiled in Indesign. But I plan to put up an accesible version soon. Till then, download this version. You can also grab this from my deviantart page.

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