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July 10th2011

I posted some pictures of a recent shoot I did with Fizza & Natasha for Angel Bernardine, here are some behind the scenes and some earlier unreleased pictures in their black and white glory. I m a sucker for black and white. The pictures above aren’t touched a lot, no major post processing.. just a […]

July 6th2011

This is the fairly new and my first ever photo shoot I did with models. There were other photographers present with me during this, Najam ur Rehman and Rohal Kohyaar. I would like to give credit to the people involved and yes that is important to me. Uzma Ali: For the location, Jaali Softbox, and […]

May 15th2011

Ladies & gentlemen, I m sure very few people will actually see this, but anyhow.. Presenting my first ever 3d image. yes created by yours truely (Why do we use that term anyways, we’re all liars.) I look forward to making more of this, but in this image I know there are countless number of […]

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