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February 15th2008

I hate how all these creepy/crappy face book application invitations pop in my fb account, I just hate it, but never mind, that’s not what I had to say. What I really had to say is, our CTO might be thinking, how gay me, and H-N are…. 😛 There I was working like a good […]

October 4th2007

Najam, one of my rockin friends, who works in UAE now, is around here, in Karachi for the time being ! which mean’t a little bit of fun and partying out ! I was supposed to be at the rockstar’s place, turns out i was sleeping beforre iftaar, and I was found dead in sleep […]

October 1st2007

This had been going on for quite some time now, Me and Fahd, were planning to put up a party, for some friends, where we could come together, interact and have some fun. The day for the part was yesterday. Intro, done…Welcome to the party ! Me and Asim were there before anyone (the usual […]

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