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March 30th2010

I’ve been planning on writing this post for ages, but the XuQa redesign just didn’t let me spare a few minutes, but now that I have some, I shall speak. The redesign had taken over us for quite some time, this whole redesign process started some 3 months back, and honestly redesigns are more effort […]

December 10th2008

Hello folks. I upgraded my wordpress installation last night to 2.7, which turns out to be super cool. Except that I like the top nav in wordpress better, but I think I m going to get used to this one super fast. Oh wait I already have 😛 I really like the 2 click upgrade […]

July 10th2008

How’s everyone doing ? I m hoping everyone’s rocking, like I m right now.. 😀 my website, has been relaunched.. yes it’s updated and it’s one page rockness.. I hope you folks think it’s good, and get me some business 😛 nevermind, check it out. It would be uber cool if some one could […]

September 24th2007

I am sure most folks (a few exceptions) don’t know that I love to read a lot online, from journals to magazines, to news and what not, anything that might interest me, goes through my eyes, and if super interesting, saves some space in my little inefficient brain ! Lately I’ve been doing some tech […]

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