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April 28th2009

I m writing this post a few days after by birthday, which I had on the 22nd of April, and why was is this a late post, because I was occupied by by quite some stuff. The 22nd of April, even though was my birthday, it isn’t that much of a special day, it’s like […]

February 15th2009

I’ve been feeling great about myself lately, why? I’ve completed some of my stuff that was kind of due, so far I haven’t seen any real bugs either. And man oh man, I finally got the time to take a swim in pool, yep I mean the one thats in our appartments, and boy oh […]

September 11th2008

Recently, my website and blog both had been facing downtime, and it wasn’t due to some tech issue, it was actually my negligence, yes I was the one to blame.. I had received a couple of emails of notifications that my domain will soon expire if I do not renew it at the earliest, and […]

July 3rd2008

What’s up right.. well for one, I m not ! and the way things are giong around, I m suspecting I won’t be properly up either 😛 Zair has recently become ‘The Incredible Hulk‘ in case you didn’t know. and I’ve become I don’t know maybe the military that runs from him, but I ain’t […]

May 28th2008

The good things first.. My blog was listed in the 100 inspirational blog designs, which got me do a little wowing 😛 Also, it’s was also the 5th birthday of WordPress… YAAAY ! 😀 Ok, so thats about the end of todays good part 😛 As I said it’s been a random day, total random […]

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