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November 2nd2011

Let me start by saying, I m really enjoying reading books all over again. A lot of people I know think this is something new for me, most of you don’t know I used to read a lot as a kid.. It kind of stopped after I found computers and design and the rest of […]

December 30th2007

  Thursday 27th of December 2007, was the day that will go down in history as one of the worst days of Pakistan, why ? Because Benazir Bhutto (Former Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan) was assassinated in Rawalpindi, and also because hell broke loose all over Pakistan. I was one of the many […]

November 3rd2007

I was happily shopping for some sneakers in the market with H-N in Saddar, when suddenly out of no where comes a man and tells the shop keeper ‘Do you know anything about the Marshal law?’ before the shop keeper even said a word I asked him ‘What marshal law ? where?’, ‘In Pakistan janab, […]

October 21st2007

Yes, Yes, the jam session has been postponed ! 🙁 It’s now on the 27th of his month, which is this coming Saturday ! Lately I had been pretty sick, yes sick, so I had people coming in, checking on how I was doing, now I m pretty good, Alhamdolillah ! And yesterday, as I […]

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