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July 27th2011

I dont think the pictures do any justice to how awesome Hamdan looks. And these pictures were taken when his awesomesty was sleepy his tiny cute bums off 😛

March 24th2011

  A few pictures I’ve taken recently. (If you’re viewing this via an aggregator, I’d sugest you visit the blog itself – )

March 14th2011

I had taken both these pictures late last year after the floods, when I ad volunteered to go to the camps and help out.

January 3rd2011
September 4th2009

I recently bought a Kodak Zx1, and very recently bought 2 lenses online from usb fever, just received them yesterday, and I’ve been playing with them since, these are awesome seriously. Order them at will and your pictures will be much better 🙂 Here are some of the pictures I took with the lenses on, […]

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