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November 8th2008

I was just hopping on teabreak and found this: Looks awesome doesn’t ? Taken from here. Found on Pizory via Teabreak. Great work !

May 17th2008

Yes fellows, Zair, handed me the structure for teabreak deisgn, that I did roughly 2 weeks ago, so now we’re off coding it. Me and Zair had planned that we’d do it together, but then on Friday, I heard the news that my grandma’s sister’s husband had passed away, so I had to rush home […]

March 22nd2008

What if some of the toons or games we play were real people ? Here’s something I found off the internet, while browsing some crap !   Homer Simpson   Mario   Those are some really freaky lookin creatures 😛 Great work pixeloo

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