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October 13th2010

Some of my recent shots, Feel free to blabber about them 🙂

December 3rd2008

The tragic incident of Mumbai, India dropped me into a shock. The next moment of the incident, Indian bureaucrats and media started pointing the ‘confident’ finger at Pakistan. This reminded me of ‘Samjhota Express’ tragedy. Within couple of hours of Samjhota Express bombings, Indian authorities were pointing fingers at Pakistan. Turned out, the gruesome massacre […]

November 7th2008

It’s been a couple of days since I had landed in Karachi on the 1st November, and since then I’ve become pretty busy here, yes I also found a better job, which is more relevent to my experience as a web designer. Not only that, but i’ve also been offered alot of jobs since I […]

November 5th2007

I’ll use today’s post, just to thank everyone, who’ve been there for me all this while ! My Parents. The most important people of my life, without them I probably wouldn’t have had the life, I have today, thanks for taking care of me while I was little, and nourishing me, and guiding me through […]

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