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October 26th2008

I was out of the office last weekend, and boy it was so much fun. We went to a dance club, and got out of there at around 3 in the morning, and it was a pretty good expereicne, I m not the kind of guy who would hit on every other girl, I already […]

September 15th2008

I had promised uzey a couple of days back that we’d do some get together becaseu we hadn’t in like ages, so obviosuly the weekend would be a good time for an iftaari get together, so we decided we’d go out to eat soem where on Sunday, that was yesterday, and so we did. We […]

July 28th2008

I wish I was much better that day.. oh yesterday I mean… I was supposed to be there early, and sadly I turned out to be the one who entered last from the whole team.. 🙁 Why you may ask.. damn I wasn’t well, vomiting all around, with my face stuck deep inside the commode […]

January 27th2008

Yello everyone ! Aight, I finally got the pics of H-N‘s new family addition. I m just posting one image of the new hottie girls are gonna die for =P MB, you can now stop screaming 😛 Damn, he won’t be my instant blog reader, but any how..DAMN : H-Ns parent’s bring you, Ayaan Sarwar. […]

January 12th2008

  Oh yes rockness… ! A few things happening, that actually made me happy.   Return of H-N First obviously, Hassaan has returned from his not so nice (as he puts it) tour. Since he left Karachi, a lot of bad thins happened, we witnessed outrage amongst people dude to Benazir Bhutto (former Priminister of […]

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