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November 10th2008

It’s been around 2 months or more since I leaft Creative Chaos, yet my connection, friendship and love with these folks is still the same. The reason is the kind of environment we had and a strong communication that we had developed among us. Any how, the reason I m writing this post is plain […]

September 1st2008

First of all, I’d like to say Ramadan Mubarak to all of you. Now I’d like to tell about the greatest beach experience I’ve had. Yes I was with some of my friends at the beach, and not just any beach, it was the most clean beach I had ever seen in and around Karachi, […]

May 28th2008

The good things first.. My blog was listed in the 100 inspirational blog designs, which got me do a little wowing 😛 Also, it’s was also the 5th birthday of WordPress… YAAAY ! 😀 Ok, so thats about the end of todays good part 😛 As I said it’s been a random day, total random […]

March 11th2008

I had been on a photo trip to Hingol National Wild life park, Baluchistan, last Sunday, It has been one of the best experiences of my life so far, the people, the environment, the nature were all so splendid. beautiful, and I could probably use countless other pretty words to describe it, but you get […]

March 8th2008

It wasn’t long ago, since I did my last week end post, any how, time flies alot.. I was out again with the boys at work, and damn it was fun.. We actually had to go to the flower show to do some photography, but then decided not to, sounded like a bad idea anyways.. […]

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