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August 4th2011

I took these pictures recently, when it was pretty cloudy here in Karachi.. Yes it is rare in this really hot weather. Took these from the office building, along with Najam, Umair and Mahaa. Don’t ask me why I didn’t put up their pictures. I’d also like to wish everyone Ramadan Mubarak. šŸ™‚

June 21st2010

I’ve probably have had quite a weekend after quite some time, it just keeps getting better, no kidding and I m loving it. First I get to meet my friends (Anum, Imran & Haris) over for lunch at Nando’s, where by the way I scored a free meal, ooh that’s an interesting Espetata story, and […]

March 6th2010

I m in Karachi people. I’ve been here since the 19th of Feb’10. I apologize for not lettingĀ a lotĀ of you know that, honestly I wanted toĀ surpriseĀ šŸ˜› From the day I landed everything has been pretty energetic+super busy. Friday when I landed was the day I shocked my family, that was pretty neat I tell you […]

July 17th2009

I was thinking of all the things I’ve learned professionally and at what level of capability, some times even considering not to learn, all in the goodness. A few years back I preferred to freelance rather than take up a job, now I would say I m comfortable with both. When I first started off […]

April 19th2009

Ever had the days when the week ends would be just awesome. Well this last week end they partly were. I had some really cool yet weird incidents happening. First it was Ronnie, I met him at the Reception to the gym, and it was totally unexpected, I as heading for the gym, signing in, […]

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