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January 5th2015

Happy New Year everyone. As with a few of my previous posts, I’d like to add some important happenings in my life here, though I m sorry for not updating this as often as I once used to. I realised not too long ago that this very blog is about 8 years and 23 days […]

January 2nd2014

It’s a brand new year, and no it’s the beginning of anything else, just a rest on the calendar. But I do hope things change for the better for everyone. Till then, Happy New Year everyone.

August 23rd2013

To all those who’re out there alive breathing human souls (and no not that google bot) who some how decided that they’d come here and read this space, let me tell you I have been an invisible man for my blog. It’s been a good couple of months since I last wrote, and it has […]

June 9th2012

I just recently finished ‘Richard Branson – Losing my Virginity’, and man is that book awesome. Richard Branson is like my new hero! Full of energy and spirit! Show’s how stuff’s done and how to take a stand where it’s important, and the way he addresses the social issues.. Brilliant! Now I m on Nelson […]

June 10th2011

My Apple Macbook’s new bottom case just got replaced! I love the smell and texture of the free replacement 😀 Thanks to Zuhair at Media Center PK, and Apple Inc. in general for this replacement, had I paid for this it would have set be back 10,000 PKR. Also Thank you Abbassi Ali for taking […]

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