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December 14th2008

I had planned this like before Eid (with my offline friends) that we’d do a Barbeque after Eid, and that finally happened last night (Saturday night). I had to do some preparation before hand, getting the sound system ready, the lightning and all that stuff, and obviously make the sitting arrangements to hold some 6 […]

August 21st2008

I guess most people now know, that I had resigned from Creative Chaos (Pvt.) Ltd. last month, and was just serving my notice period, and then I had some great opportunities to select from.. I think I had found the right one, and might be relocated for that particular purpose. Right this day, it’s going […]

May 6th2008

I recently mentioned, the internet at my home is fixed, which is rocking, and now guess what… I got a hair cut, no seriously ! which means, I kind of look like an egghead 😛 I wish I had a proper cam to snap myself, I hate my cellphone’s shitty cam, so anyways, my head…. […]

December 16th2007

The song remains the same take II (Saturday, December 15th, 2007. 8:15pm to 11:15 pm), an event which gave a little fresh air to my a bit of rusty life. Why did I go there, cause H-N‘s band was performing, and what did I see and hear was more than just awesome.   Gunaah The […]

November 20th2007

18th November, 2007. The evening in Khayaban-e-Itehad would have been the normal life for everyone else ! But those who dropped by The Second Floor – Karachi, had the treat of the day. Gunaah’s birthday bash was all that we gathered for and got the joy of listening to three bands, one of those for […]

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