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August 5th2011

Demented Inc. presents Anaglyph 3D glasses in Karachi, Pakistan. If you want to watch 3D movies at home, no matter what television set or computer you have, or if you wish to see 3D images, and no I don’t mean just 3D rendered images, then these are the glasses for you. You can watch full […]

May 6th2008

I recently mentioned, the internet at my home is fixed, which is rocking, and now guess what… I got a hair cut, no seriously ! which means, I kind of look like an egghead 😛 I wish I had a proper cam to snap myself, I hate my cellphone’s shitty cam, so anyways, my head…. […]

March 14th2008

It’s another week end already ! I am seriously enjoying doing these photo tone mapping, makes the pics I took, look really cool, or so I think 😀 Here’s One I did recently : That’s Omair in the picture, he’s a designer plus a photographer, and he works at the same place I do, Creative […]

February 3rd2008

I got myself a copy of the documentary ‘Helvetica’, for those who do not know, it’s one of the best things to happen to typography, it’s one of the best fonts available, that may not get many people interested, but for people for whom visuals is bread and butter, it’s going be a must watch. […]

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