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June 30th2009

Lately the days have been really kind to me, and so have the people around me. I haven’t written about quite some goodness in my life of late. Some time back, we went out and watched Transformers II, oh yes a movie lot of people are still waiting to see, but boy it’s an amazing […]

December 25th2008

Alot of people know that I haven’t been well medically, that is my health isn’t at it’s best right now, so I m staying a little low, and with 25th December, I thought I’d relax alot at home, though the plan was to watch movies and stay up, it didn’t quite work out that way […]

December 14th2008

I had planned this like before Eid (with my offline friends) that we’d do a Barbeque after Eid, and that finally happened last night (Saturday night). I had to do some preparation before hand, getting the sound system ready, the lightning and all that stuff, and obviously make the sitting arrangements to hold some 6 […]

October 21st2008

After Effects Destruct noisy Typography from peresini mattias on Vimeo. Above were some of the thigns I’ve been doingd, looking, enjoying.. blah blah! Other than that, life is pretty much the normal.. I would’ve wanted to share another video or two, but I missed the links, and I m pretty lazy to even look for […]

August 4th2008

On the 1st of August 2008, my collugues had decided that we’d go and see ‘Wanted’, after we’re done with all the work that we had to do at office, and since, it was not much work that we’d have to stay back, every one agreed. At around 8pm, we reached ‘Capri Cinema’, which seemed […]

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