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October 11th2009

It’s been a while since I blogged or got in touch with this little beautiful piece of web-ware called WordPress, but I thought I’d finally put down some words in here about how things are rolling, not that any one would care, but just for heck of it. I’ve been adding quite some objects to […]

April 19th2009

Ever had the days when the week ends would be just awesome. Well this last week end they partly were. I had some really cool yet weird incidents happening. First it was Ronnie, I met him at the Reception to the gym, and it was totally unexpected, I as heading for the gym, signing in, […]

April 12th2009

Ok so here’s the thing, as I kid and seeing that TV series that had Mr. T in it, I wanted a mohawk, but obviously as one can tell, it’s not quite safe to do so in Pakistan, and flying to Dubai didn’t help either, so when I landed in Singapore, I knew I was […]

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