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March 19th2010

A Video I did very recently. This video has been made entirely from clips recorded during my ride from work to home. It also features clips from my lunch with my awesome friends at Creative Chaos. Credits: Music stolen from: Track: Hurricane 2000 Artist: Scorpions & Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

August 2nd2009

Hey.. so the last few weeks have been really really busy for me. In terms of activities, work, people and everything else in between or otherwise. Just by the time Zulfiqar’s parent’s were back in Singapore, I had to fly out to Karachi, my cousin’s wedding was coming up, with a shit load of work […]

January 12th2009

I never blogged about this, but around the time I joined Xuqa, I was also working on a website, Peanutlabs Media, which after some backend development by the Peanutlabs team went live recently. Let me tell you, it’s a rather simple website, and contains simpe and bsic info about what th company does, it’s nothing […]

November 26th2008

It’s been quite some time when it was a visual upgrade for this blog, and it’s quite that time again that it gets a new coat of paint. I believe that even though everyone’s getting newer and faster internet connection, this blogs should load faster and smoother than it does now, so I’ve decided that […]

July 10th2008

How’s everyone doing ? I m hoping everyone’s rocking, like I m right now.. 😀 my website, has been relaunched.. yes it’s updated and it’s one page rockness.. I hope you folks think it’s good, and get me some business 😛 nevermind, check it out. It would be uber cool if some one could […]

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