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December 18th2008

Hey folks, remember I had posted earlier that I enjoyed the Bloggers meet up in Karachi. I had appeared in front of a flip cam to record a lil video, that video is out now, check it out. Incase you don’t know me in person, I m the third person who appears in that video. […]

November 10th2008

It’s been around 2 months or more since I leaft Creative Chaos, yet my connection, friendship and love with these folks is still the same. The reason is the kind of environment we had and a strong communication that we had developed among us. Any how, the reason I m writing this post is plain […]

October 15th2008

Yeah that’s what I mean, and first off, I m kind of missing Babrus, here in Dubai, but I hope he settles what he went karachi for. Anyways, most of the stuff is the same here as it was, same old 9-6 work routine.. Crap.. Why one would ask.. I m in Dubai man, and […]

August 4th2008

I got bald on the first Saturday of August 2008, these pictures you’ll see below were taken on the first Monday of the same month, at my office. And guess what, my colleagues got all arty with my head 😛 Love you folks.. muah 😛

July 29th2008

I don’t know but it seems like a good change happening, and I m a little happy about it too. I write crap I know, but I still like to read some good stuff, lately I’ve been visiting Teabreak more and more to read, yes read. I did have some sort of confusion, but then, […]

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