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Live it up!

December 16th2013

Live it up! Life’s too short for Hate, or everything. A poster I made to put on my desk, but I guess it’ll be a little while before I get it printed and put it up.. I m lazy ass.. so in the mean time.. online it goes 😉

April 8th2012

I had been looking forward to this event as soon as I heard about it.  The last I saw something like this was in Singapore, and I didn’t have anything at hand to capture it.. so anyways.. Any how, lately I had been pushed down by a number of events which had set me back […]

October 28th2008

I had been busy working at a company called “illusio” in Dubai for about a month now, and the two things that I m doing or was doing were the website and the brochure. The website is live now. You can see it in action here. It’s not a very big website, and the biggest […]

October 9th2008

It’s actually been like a week since I dropped in Dubai, but I didn’t get the time to write something, I know that may some of you off, but apology is all I can offer right now ! Any how, I flew here to assist a company “Illusio” in their design department, and it’s been […]

November 20th2007

18th November, 2007. The evening in Khayaban-e-Itehad would have been the normal life for everyone else ! But those who dropped by The Second Floor – Karachi, had the treat of the day. Gunaah’s birthday bash was all that we gathered for and got the joy of listening to three bands, one of those for […]

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