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Live it up!

December 16th2013

Live it up! Life’s too short for Hate, or everything. A poster I made to put on my desk, but I guess it’ll be a little while before I get it printed and put it up.. I m lazy ass.. so in the mean time.. online it goes 😉

December 12th2013

I m more of a Sir Richard Branson fan, but then again you end up respecting people for what they’ve done. In that context I truely admire what Mandela had done for his country, for his people.. The struggles and the pain he put himself through just so the other won’t have to. In his […]

November 2nd2011

Let me start by saying, I m really enjoying reading books all over again. A lot of people I know think this is something new for me, most of you don’t know I used to read a lot as a kid.. It kind of stopped after I found computers and design and the rest of […]

April 28th2009

I m writing this post a few days after by birthday, which I had on the 22nd of April, and why was is this a late post, because I was occupied by by quite some stuff. The 22nd of April, even though was my birthday, it isn’t that much of a special day, it’s like […]

April 17th2008

When you work in a company, no matter what department, you’re actually being paid for thinking, and finding solutions, because that’s what companies do, find solutions to what others can not. Anyways, so the thing is, I work for a company that takes work super seriously though we keep the freedom and the spirit alive […]

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