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June 2nd2011

My website has finally been promoted to it’s new version from being in development on and off for quite some time. Visit the site, and share some love. Let me know what you guys think.

April 3rd2011

It’s been a few days already since we launched Demented Inc. the products any how are to be rolled out yet. We’ve put out a Facebook page and a Twitter account for all the support we can get. Join in here on the mailing list, so that you know when we launch 🙂

March 2nd2009

As you can notice from the image above, I’m really loving my cheap drawing tablet. I tried playing with it, and those were the outcomes, even though the game we launched recently at Xuqa on Facebook, is more of a glossy thing than it is sketchy, you can check it out here (You need to be […]

January 12th2009

I never blogged about this, but around the time I joined Xuqa, I was also working on a website, Peanutlabs Media, which after some backend development by the Peanutlabs team went live recently. Let me tell you, it’s a rather simple website, and contains simpe and bsic info about what th company does, it’s nothing […]

October 28th2008

I had been busy working at a company called “illusio” in Dubai for about a month now, and the two things that I m doing or was doing were the website and the brochure. The website is live now. You can see it in action here. It’s not a very big website, and the biggest […]

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