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August 23rd2013

To all those who’re out there alive breathing human souls (and no not that google bot) who some how decided that they’d come here and read this space, let me tell you I have been an invisible man for my blog. It’s been a good couple of months since I last wrote, and it has […]

April 4th2009

So I flew back to Singapore on Thursday, 2nd of April at night, and got here in the morning of the 3rd. I wouldn’t say it was the best flight I ever took, but I guess it did the job, I m not going to whine much, since I’ve gone through some really nice things […]

August 21st2008

I guess most people now know, that I had resigned from Creative Chaos (Pvt.) Ltd. last month, and was just serving my notice period, and then I had some great opportunities to select from.. I think I had found the right one, and might be relocated for that particular purpose. Right this day, it’s going […]

July 29th2008

I don’t know but it seems like a good change happening, and I m a little happy about it too. I write crap I know, but I still like to read some good stuff, lately I’ve been visiting Teabreak more and more to read, yes read. I did have some sort of confusion, but then, […]

July 25th2008

I m here writing, just a couple of hours after I finally got the courage to say bye bye to my current so awesome job, to join another company for a different experience. As per the policy of this current so damn awesome company I will have to serve yet another month, before I can […]

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