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December 5th2011

This is some artwork I was working on today. It’s mostly a random thought, but yes incase you’re wondering.. I do believe in a lot of conspiracy theories. I also believe theres a bigger plan at play.. a plan which most people fail to comprehend.. I m not saying I m pretty smart to understand all […]

June 7th2009

This is the first week end at our new place, I m not going to say this weekend has been awesome far, because that would be a lie, I have been trying to work out somethings, sadly it hasn’t been working. I had been busy trying to manage some folks from India, but these guys […]

December 3rd2008

The tragic incident of Mumbai, India dropped me into a shock. The next moment of the incident, Indian bureaucrats and media started pointing the ‘confident’ finger at Pakistan. This reminded me of ‘Samjhota Express’ tragedy. Within couple of hours of Samjhota Express bombings, Indian authorities were pointing fingers at Pakistan. Turned out, the gruesome massacre […]

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