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August 15th2008

A couple of folks at my work place might know this, and alot of my relatives and friends do too. My dad is not well, and had a mild paralysis attack this last Tuesday, two days before the independence day. Here’s what happened. We are assuming this Attack was in the morning, since he seemed […]

July 3rd2008

What’s up right.. well for one, I m not ! and the way things are giong around, I m suspecting I won’t be properly up either 😛 Zair has recently become ‘The Incredible Hulk‘ in case you didn’t know. and I’ve become I don’t know maybe the military that runs from him, but I ain’t […]

January 8th2008

I m  still missing Asim, and Hassan right now, both are kind of away, on vacations, and here I m writing a post, even though I m a little ill, and did not go to the office today. One of my colleagues at work, Zair, convinced me to join flickr, yes the big big user […]

November 25th2007

Work, work and less play makes any sane person a bad boy…or girl ! 😛 Yeah I’ve been working late these days, and honestly it’s nice to work late, specially if you’re employed by CC. You can put on great music, have some cool things to eat, get drunk on soft drinks, or make coffee […]

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