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March 23rd2009

It was around a few months ago when I had donated blood for the┬áthalassemia patients, when I was employed at Creative Chaos, it’s been a long time.. and a very long time if I speak in internet time. Any how, I was at the Blogap forum, when I read the post by Ayesha, that said […]

October 14th2008

Incase you’re going to question the random map on the above image, that is the percentage of poverty in the world right now, as can be shown on the left. As for the issue of poverty in general. We usually take things for granted, think about our own problems and consider them very big, take […]

October 30th2007

I am having real lots of fun with the new LCD and the sound system I have now ! I enjoy working long hours now, in fact I’ve started using it more effectively ­čÖé Any how, what I am writing about is good and bad, is fine and great with me. I have been working with […]

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