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May 5th2008

Ok guys, i m so happy, yet anohter reason, I m so happy, I have Maxcom as my ISP ! They even got my phone line fixed, because I couldn’t use there service.. WOW ! It had been around 2 months since my phone stopped working, and I complained about it to the authorities a […]

December 31st2007

Click on the image above to go and see the full version.   In a few hours time it’s going to be a brand new year, 2008. Here’s a wishing, Happy new year.. May this year be more blessed and less eventful than the last one. 🙂 I thank everyone who helped me around this […]

October 28th2007

Man, I m so happy… I was out yesterday, with some friends ! And I happen to meet the person I wanted to, after some great long years ! And as so happens we met after more than 5 lengthy years ! 🙂 She’s so Happy too.. I m posting some pics from that event, […]

October 22nd2007

Oh my god ! Oh my god ! I got myself a nice sexy 22″ wide HD LCD ! How cool is that ! 🙂 I m lovin it already, I love the crispiness ! the beautifully bright colours ! My suggestion ! Get an LCD monitor ! Any how ! The day was so […]

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