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January 5th2015

Happy New Year everyone. As with a few of my previous posts, I’d like to add some important happenings in my life here, though I m sorry for not updating this as often as I once used to. I realised not too long ago that this very blog is about 8 years and 23 days […]

January 2nd2014

It’s a brand new year, and no it’s the beginning of anything else, just a rest on the calendar. But I do hope things change for the better for everyone. Till then, Happy New Year everyone.

August 13th2012

Posting this a day earlier, so you guys can actually get a glimpse of it. Otherwise it just gets lost in the dozen other images that go up on the same day. So Happy Independence day to all my Pakistani behen bhai’s.. specially the behens 😀

January 1st2011

This new year’s got legs, the last one was well.. indecent 😛

June 18th2008

Just in case you missed the last post, I had announced, that the new version of Teabreak is just around, and well folks, it’s here now, yes right this moment, it’s online… so boys and girls, uncles and aunties.. spread the love.. send us some postcards 😀 The new version relies some amount of it’s […]

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