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June 11th2008

Here is some stuff from me, that I’ve put online as of late 😀 See this on deviantart/flickr (This one is also a dedication to Hassan Sarwar.) See this on deviantart/flickr

May 11th2008

Sometimes we see the bright side of a picture, and sometimes we see the dark side, and the most neglected side of the picture remains neglected, the transparent side, this is actually the side that reveals the truth. We’ve been seeing a couple of good young folks saying good by to Creative Chaos, to push […]

March 30th2008

Another week end post.. Yes I ‘ve got a little rusty writing these. But hey, it’s my blog 😛 Anyways, this week end was a bit tiring, but worth it.. Friday night was the usual late, but I managed not to sleep and go to H-N’s house in the morning from then onwards we headed […]

March 10th2008

I just got tagged by MB.   1. Name three most valuable assets? My computer, my ipod, my skills 🙂   2. One truth in your life that haunts you every day? Oh boy, I sinned ! 😛   3. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the four blog […]

February 15th2008

I hate how all these creepy/crappy face book application invitations pop in my fb account, I just hate it, but never mind, that’s not what I had to say. What I really had to say is, our CTO might be thinking, how gay me, and H-N are…. 😛 There I was working like a good […]

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