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April 11th2008

It’s very much a challenge when you work at a company as awesome as the one I work at, I mean seriously, I love my job, I know there are times, I’d want to pull out my hair and bang my head on the walls, and maybe scream on some one’s face, but hey, that’s […]

December 31st2007

Click on the image above to go and see the full version.   In a few hours time it’s going to be a brand new year, 2008. Here’s a wishing, Happy new year.. May this year be more blessed and less eventful than the last one. 🙂 I thank everyone who helped me around this […]

November 5th2007

I’ll use today’s post, just to thank everyone, who’ve been there for me all this while ! My Parents. The most important people of my life, without them I probably wouldn’t have had the life, I have today, thanks for taking care of me while I was little, and nourishing me, and guiding me through […]

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