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September 17th2009

Good things and bad things happened just about the same time. boinkers.. The good first.. Paras Amir Ali Allana who I know through flickr and Raheel Lakhani was in town recently with here family.. And since she’s a friend how could I not show her around, even though I haven’t seen this place much. We […]

July 29th2008

I don’t know but it seems like a good change happening, and I m a little happy about it too. I write crap I know, but I still like to read some good stuff, lately I’ve been visiting Teabreak more and more to read, yes read. I did have some sort of confusion, but then, […]

July 19th2008

The new version of WordPress you know includes the Google gears implementation, in case you folks did not know that, this is one big help, no kidding.. Your writing and managing the blog becomes much more easier, not to mention effecient. The link at the top right of the admin page in WordPress, which says […]

May 29th2008

I was reading through the feeds on my google reader, and I found an interesting thing on Brand new, I found Jane’s Brand timeline potrait, which prompted me to do one on my own too.. So here’s my take on it… whats yours ?

February 23rd2008

Recently the web was a buzz with the news of Microsoft‘s giant 46.6 million US dollars bid for Yahoo. HAHA, that would mean they would own flickr.. haha, these people invented MS-Paint, what do you think would have happened ? 😛 Besides, what would they name it? MS-Flickr ? Bull shit ! 😛 So Yahoo […]

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