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July 17th2009

I was thinking of all the things I’ve learned professionally and at what level of capability, some times even considering not to learn, all in the goodness. A few years back I preferred to freelance rather than take up a job, now I would say I m comfortable with both. When I first started off […]

April 4th2009

So I flew back to Singapore on Thursday, 2nd of April at night, and got here in the morning of the 3rd. I wouldn’t say it was the best flight I ever took, but I guess it did the job, I m not going to whine much, since I’ve gone through some really nice things […]

April 8th2008

I fell like blogging more, when I m happy I guess.. This is my third post, and in a very short period.. or maybe it seems so because I m regular blogging after quite some time. Any how, I’ve uploaded two new photographs.. If you see them, please comment ! And so the story goes […]

February 11th2008

Yes, I know it’s been some time, since I appreciated life, but any ways, better late then never… I m having some good times at work and otherwise, I m considering buying another .net address specially for the blog, interesting isn’t? I think it is ! And since work has been challenging at work, that’s […]

January 20th2008

I am suppose to be at work in half an hour, and it’s almost an hour long ride from my house, and I haven’t even left my room. Things have been a little off since Sunday, my computer needed an OS refresh, which mean’t installing everything from scratch, and not to mention backing up all […]

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