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December 30th2012

It’s almost the end of 2012, about a day more and then we’re done with it. No more of 12/12/12 crap.. no more of the Mayan’s Ending our world.. No more of ‘Oh god we’re gonna die’.. End of all that. It’ll be time of a fresh start for alot of things hopefully.. I look […]

September 17th2012

Credits: Original image modified. I m sure most of the people now know that Game Ventures where I used to work as a Creative Director has ceased operations as a progressing company, and gone into maintenance mode. What this means is it’s no longer going to be actively developing it’s products, it’ll just keep them […]

October 26th2011

Fairly recently, Game Ventures sponsored the event “Start up weekend Karachi“, which ran from 21st of October to the 23rd of October 2011. The event in all honesty wasn’t so bad, but it wasn’t done in a way to facilitate either the participants or the mentors, In my opinion had these participants been given a a day or two […]

July 17th2009

I was thinking of all the things I’ve learned professionally and at what level of capability, some times even considering not to learn, all in the goodness. A few years back I preferred to freelance rather than take up a job, now I would say I m comfortable with both. When I first started off […]

May 6th2009

I m not going to write much on my life in this post, I m going to write about Tea Break here. For me the project Tea Break started when Asim Imtiaz and me used to sit only rooms apart and me and Zair sat inches apart in Creative Chaos. Asim got me into this […]

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