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May 4th2012

I haz the lava lamp again! I had my birthday on the 22nd of April, and the lava lamp came as a gift. And I love this little blobbling thing man! Any how, some pictures thought I could put them up, this blog is getting stale anyways. 🙂

March 14th2008

It’s another week end already ! I am seriously enjoying doing these photo tone mapping, makes the pics I took, look really cool, or so I think 😀 Here’s One I did recently : That’s Omair in the picture, he’s a designer plus a photographer, and he works at the same place I do, Creative […]

March 11th2008

I had been on a photo trip to Hingol National Wild life park, Baluchistan, last Sunday, It has been one of the best experiences of my life so far, the people, the environment, the nature were all so splendid. beautiful, and I could probably use countless other pretty words to describe it, but you get […]

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